Health + Performance Coaching

Health + Performance Coaches fill the gap between medical professionals and preventative healthcare.  They offer guidance and inspiration to help clients shift their behavior to healthier habits by making step by step changes to their food/fuel/fitness and lifestyle.  At A-M Fit, we teach about new, healthy food choices and the key components to creating an abundant life outside of just “food”.  To hit on a few “spokes” from the “Wheel of Wellness” as we like to call it; relationships, physical activity, career, play and spirituality are all spokes that tie together to create a happy, functioning “wheel”.

You will develop a deeper understanding of the foods/fuel and lifestyle choices that work best for YOU and implement lasting changes that improve your health, energy and balance.  We get you to explore, resolve and in turn, result in a more complete, happy YOU!

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  • Are you sick of the energy roller coaster you’re living? It doesn’t have to be that way!  YOU deserve a fully energized life to enjoy with your family and friends.  Don’t let food be the reason you say no to playing catch with your kids or chasing them around the playground!  *Get started NOW by clicking here
  • Has your athletic performance been struggling lately or not at the top of your game? Let’s tap into our Mind-Body reboot program and get you exceeding expectations!*
  • Do you feel stuck or blocked in your career or personal life? We can work together to open you up in these specific areas and lead you to radiate more confidence in your career, finances and relationships. *
  • Do you want to learn more about potential food allergies that may be affecting  your digestion/overall wellbeing? Look no further! Having experienced this first hand and dealing with lactose intolerance and other GI inflammatory challenges, the systems are in place to help you clean up your diet and get to the bottom of what ails you! *
  • Have you been consistently gaining weight and struggling with why or how to get this weight off?  Together, lets bust through your fears and get you healthy from the inside out! *

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