Athlete Inspiration / Feature with U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team Athlete Emily Wold

Match 3 USA vs Canada Field Hockey Series at Spooky Nook in Lancaster, PA

Today I had the pleasure of doing some Q&A with Team USA’s, U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey Team Athlete Emily Wold!*  This star midfielder’s game day mantra of look pretty, play hard definitely shines true!

Given that field hockey is a multi-sprint sport, it is physically demanding in both strength endurance and explosive power. Nick Catlin, a two-time field hockey Olympian notes that Strength is central to a hockey training program. Although players aren’t required to hold off physical challenges (when compared to other multi-sprint sports), power is required for acceleration, speed and quick changes in direction.  Careful planning is required to ensure that both muscular power and muscular endurance can be effectively developed alongside each other without leading to over-training and fatigue.

While Emily continues to train smart and hard she still made time to share with me some of her workout tips, go-to fuel and overall inspiration both on and off the field!! Enjoy getting to know Emily better:

  • Favorite Cross-Training Workout:  My favorite cross-training workout is any type of circuit that involves different exercises performed at a high intensity with little amount of rest in between; this really gets the heart rate going!
  • Nutrition/Fuel:  The food that fuels my performance pre-workout, is my favorite combo of bread with banana and peanut butter on top. For the beverage, I like to just drink some water. Post workout I like to have a protein shake with chocolate flavored protein, banana, and milk.
  • Inspiration/Role Model:  My mom teaches me so many lessons in life because she is such an amazing person which inspires me to be better on and off the pitch.
  • Weight Training:  Some of the most effective weight training exercises are bench pressing, squatting, pull-ups and dead lifts.
  • Best Exercises:  I think the good old fashioned plank works the core the best and doing a variety of different types of plank exercises.  Trying to hold those positions for a long time challenges the core.
  • Energy Foods/Fuel:  The foods that provide me with the most energy are any type of lean protein: chicken, beef, fish, sweet potatoes, quinoa and any type of vegetable.
  • Pre-Game Routine:  My pregame routine consists of making sure my teeth are brushed so they feel fresh and putting lipstick on before the game. If it’s a really big game sometimes I’ll even throw on some lip gloss.
  • Off-season Fun:  When I’m not training, I love to go to the beach or float in my pool. I also enjoy going paddle boarding, doing yoga, and hanging out with friends and family.

A BIG thanks to you Emily for your continued inspiration!  Keep shining bright in all that you do both on and off the field!! xx, a-m

*You can catch more of Emily by following the Team USA, U.S National Field Hockey Team on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @usafieldhockey and