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Crazy for Cucumbers

There are so many health benefits of cucumbers that I am sure you will want to work them into your diet and reap their rewards just as muchView full post »

Holiday Reflections

As I look out at this beautiful post sunrise view, reflection glazing across the top of the water and birds singing all around, itView full post »

Never Give Up!

Love the message on one of my favorite yoga mats! Never, never, never give up!  Daily mantra and daily meditation with yoga goes hand inView full post »

Blue Blue Blueberries Baby!!!

You will soon learn, that one of my top three fruits are blueberries!! These beautiful blues, as I like to refer to them,  provide SO muchView full post »

Oil Pulling 101

I have been oil pulling for a few months now and loving the positive benies I see from it. What:  Spoonful of organic coconut oil,View full post »