Dedication December

The last month of 2014 is upon us and I for one cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. I found the intentions I wrote down for this past year and was reflecting upon those that came to fruition (those goals and intentions that I reached and/or exceeded) and those that have fallen short. It brought a sense of determination and greater focus knowing that in one month’s time, I had some work to do and am setting out to do just that.

What were your goals and intentions for 2014? How are you looking at closing out your year with a BANG!!! Don’t be one of those who gives up or gives in to not accomplishing your goals or think you have run out of time! You CAN and you WILL if you keep your mindset positive! The mind always wants to give out and give up before the body, so always push that much further and blow your own darn mind with how awesome YOU are!

Staying present is always a work in progress for me, so I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t have my sights on goals for 2015 already… bigger and better and with age comes wisdom.  I appreciate the space that I am in, the people it includes and breathe knowing that it’s right where I am supposed to be for now.


This month, I am challenging myself to nourish my body and mind through food/fuel and exercise consistently (despite all the holiday parties),  so that I am going into the New Year feeling and looking my best from the inside-out. Why start a cleanse after the first of the year when there is no time like the present to clean things up and close out the year on top! It’s all about the balance not deprivation, especially this time of year. So join me in setting your last month of 2014 on fire and go into 2015 looking and feeling great! Your body is your temple and it’s your responsibility to care for it so that you can be your best self. I am here to help, so reach out to me for support Dedication DecemberI believe in you!  Attraversiamo- let’s cross over  xx, a-m