express yourself

Going old school here with a little NWA Express yourself playing in the background but the truth of it is, you must… Go on and do it- express yourself!  Holding things inside not only fosters resentment, hurt, pain, but it also creates unnecessary strain, stress and tightness within your body. This isn’t good for any of us or for those around you. It can be seen and felt and your body wants nothing more than to let it out.


Kind of like a good sweat in a spin class, run or lift session… you know what I mean… those toxins make their way out of your body and you are left feeling way better then when you started! Same goes for expressing yourself verbally. I encourage you, like I do many of my clients and friends, to say what you need to say. Don’t hold things in- feelings, thoughts, ideas…. Be mindful in your delivery of course, but get them out and release them. Life is short and again, holding onto things internally isn’t contributing to your health and wellbeing, it is only hurting it and we want and need you healthy, happy and joyful.  Go after what you want and trust what feels good from the inside-out!!