Foam Roll That!

If you haven’t tried foam rolling yet, you’re missing out! An affordable way to release muscle pain, tightness and adhesions, this gem often feels like a deep tissue massage! I like to say I have a love/dislike relationship with my foam roller, but its more a “hurts so good” kind of mentality that I have grown to reap only the most positive benefits daily.

The foam roller can be used as an active warm up tool before you set out on your run, spin class, outdoor hike or other athletic competition.  It will bring additional blood flow to the areas you feel knots and/or muscle tension and works to break up the knots and scar tissue~ just allow yourself time to slowly roll over the muscles, spending no more than 20 seconds on each tender spot. 

Another bonus is you can essentially do this anywhere- at your gym, in the privacy of your own home or hotel room and there are now travel sized rollers you can take with you when you do have to travel.  It definitely is my go-to for recovery.  The foam roller gives a myofascial release as it works to remove toxins and bring oxygen back to your sexy muscles for repair.  There are several types of foam rollers available (shown here) that target various areas and range in level of intensity. 

Make sure to consult with a fitness professional/expert or contact me if you have any questions on how to use, which type to use… happy to help you get to rolling!!  xx, a-m