Ginger tea is good for me (and you)!

Self care is something that comes up often when speaking with my holistic health coaching clients and also other health coaches. We tend to be so busy in our day to day lives that we skip out on slowing down long enough to practice self-care. This can be as simple as a cup of tea and a good book or journaling. One of my go-2’s is ginger tea and gratitude journaling. I sometimes have a hard time slowing down or relaxing and I find that taking a few moments like this starts the process for me. Ginger tea also has amazing benefits like aiding in digestion, reduced inflammation and the high level of antioxidants strengthen immunity.  Did I mention it smells delicious as well and seems to alleviate stress and tension just from its soothing aroma? Make time for yourself, even if it’s as simple as a cup of ginger tea. You will feel better and in turn you will be better to those around you!  #fuelyourselfhealthy xx, a-m


p.s. As always, I love hearing from you so comment below or send me a message on what benefits you feel from practicing self-care.