Glowing Skin, a Radiant Spirit and a Clear Mind

I recently had the honor of being featured in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine   (page 22 to be exact and seen below wink wink), which can be found in local Whole Foods Stores, Sprouts and many other retail locations.  I wanted to share the article/health tips as we are well into month two of 2016 and given its heart health month… why not share the love

Q:  Your health secrets and tips

A:  Nourish my mind, body and spirit.

1) Don’t diet but consciously choose to nourish your amazing body with healthy fuel.  Eat more plants, fruits and vegetables that pump awesome superfoods with anti-inflammatory benefits, into your body.  If you have a farmers market near you- start there! 

2) Incorporate healthy fats into your diet daily.  Coconut oil is one of my favorites and I even use it on my skin! You can lose fat by eating fat…the right fats, as you fire up your metabolism in doing so and feel more satisfied resulting in better food decisions throughout the day! 

3) Make sure to kick start your metabolism with a healthy breakfast.  This sets the tone for your day and when you provide your body and mind with healthy fuel, you not only benefit your overall health, but your mind is sharper/decisions clearer and you feel more energizedEating clean is something I do regularly but I also don’t believe in deprivation or cheat days.  If I want a “treat” I am not going to punish myself for it because its about balance.. living and enjoying life and many times, life is celebrated over food with friends and loved ones.

4) Workout- move your body daily and don’t be afraid to sweat– it is so beneficial to do so!  There is no such thing as a bad workout– you always feel better afterwards!

5) Hydrate– water, water and more water– your skin will thank you, your internal organs will thank you and so will the nagging headache you might have mid-day. 

6) I would say that the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to my health, to surround myself with those who truly feel good to be around, those who inspire me, push me to be better, do better and love me for me!  Letting go of those who don’t is quite freeing and allows me to be better to myself and show up for those wonderful friends/loved ones in my life. 

7) Do the things that fire up your soul and do more of them because when we are happy and showing ourselves love…we attract that back into our lives from others

Q:  How do you stay fit? What is your regimen?

A:  I workout daily in the mornings to kick start my day and I always feel better mentally and physically.  I tend to workout outdoors as much as possible with my go-to workouts being running (clears my mind and feels great to just lace up the sneakers and go run), hiking and cycling but balance things out with weight training– 3-4 days a week in the gym.  I train my entire body and mix things up to keep my heartrate up with HIIT, trx and dumbbells.  I incorporate yoga into my weekly regimen as well to keep me balanced.  It forces me to slow down, disconnect and breathe.  Yoga also helps my overall fitness regimen as it has increased my flexibility, opened up tight muscles so I can continue to feel stronger in body and mind

February is when many of us in the wellness industry see people fall off and lose inspiration/focus and enthusiasm to continue with their fitness/nutrition goals.  I think its so important to build these goals into habits through lifestyle adjustments, changes, and remain open to areas for growth and improvement, so they in turn become lasting and noticeable for your mind, body and spirit.  Let me be a resource for you and set you up to feel your best from the inside-out!! xx, a-m