“Healthy” Care Packages

Having been a gracious recipient of care packages and also a consumer when sending some to friends, co-workers, clients… I know how limited it can be to find items that are healthy. Flowers always brighten the day, but it’s also awesome to receive different types of snacks and treats… healthy ones!  This led to creating fully customized “healthy” care packages/boxes for your friends, children, clients, loved ones…you name it!  I recently had an athlete client of mine undergo knee surgery that will have him sidelined for several weeks.  Not wanting to send him a basket of junk- i.e.) processed, sugar- laden foods,  I decided to find healthier alternatives to keep his energy levels up and also add items that will keep his mental game on point- focused and positive because, after all, the mind-body connection is where its at!!

This healthy care box will truly show how much you care, because you are fueling with nourishing items. I have included some categories below, but this can be customized for anyone, so please feel free to contact me even if it isn’t on this list.  Have someone with gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerant or diabetic?  No worries, having a health and nutrition coach creating your customized healthy care box has you covered!!!  Last but not least- the final, personal touch… a hand written card to be included in the package with the wellness words of your choice.  Ah-mazing!!!  Let’s spread some healthy love and create your healthy care package today!! xx, a-m


  • Sports Rehab/ Injury- Home from the Hospital
  • Boarding Schools, Colleges/University Students: semester finals/exams, pick me up, season’s greetings
  • Well Wishes (new job, thank you, thinking of you)
  • VIP guests
  • Baby Bounce Back- healthy kick start for new Moms
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween Treats
  • Annual packages (school package 4x year)

Individual packages and price points from $40*- up depending on items included in the package

*Postage will be added according to delivery time requests, location and care package size/weight.  Same day courier services in select locations.

**Food allergies can be managed and modified accordingly.