I have been hooked on this amazing, versatile superfood for quite some time,  but for those new to what it is or even how to pronounce it- let me drop some healthful (ha ha) knowledge!

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wah) not only tastes great, but is packed with healthy benefits, quick to make and easy to mix into or substitute in some of your favorite recipes!



Gluten Free/GMO Free

High digestibility/low allergy making it great for those with food allergies and for children/toddlers

High in Fiber

High in Protein and great for vegans/plant-based diets or those looking to change things up from animal proteins

Great source of essential amino acids, antioxidents and manganese


Easy to Prepare:

Quinoa can be ready to eat in as little as 15-20 minutes:

Rinse quinoa and drain

Put 2 cups of filtered water into a pot

Add 1 cup of organic, raw quinoa

Bring to a boil

Stir, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes (until all water is absorbed into the superfood)

Variety is the spice of life!

Quinoa is so versatile you can get creative and give your tastebuds some fun!

  • Add nuts and fruits to cooked quinoa for a hearty breakfast
  • Sprinkle over/toss into your favorite salads
  • Create a quinoa bowl with steamed green vegetables and sweet potato
  • Add quinoa to your favorite vegetable soups
  • Use when making gluten free cookies or grind into a powder for muffins
  • Swap out the rice with quinoa when making sushi

As you can see, this superfood is for sure Ah-mazing!! Have some recipes or ways in which you love to incorporate quinoa into your healthy routine? (a few of  mine are in the pics here) Let me know as sharing is caring on this beautiful journey of wellbeing! Now time for some milk (almond milk of course) and quinoa chocolate chip cookies 🙂  xx, a-m