Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful. Give Love. Laugh Lots.

Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful. Give Love. Laugh Lots. ~ Paulo Coelho

True words to live by and I often notice, that when I am not “living up to these words,” I am out of balance. Don’t ever let someone convince you that you dream too big, love too much or laugh too often…. YOU will never be too much for the right person and remember, your supportive tribe will love you back just the way you are, unconditionally.

I am grateful to have always lived in cities that are filled with an abundance of diverse options/activities, culture, history, sporting events… you name it.  With that also comes a certain vastness and the older I get, the more I treasure and respect simplicity.  Walking to the beach to catch a beautiful sunset with my rescue dog Bella, tops my list of simple, favorite things.  It is possible to find this within yourself and live it out despite some of the chaos going on in the world around you.  That’s another reason why primary foods are so imperative!

Primary foods are a huge component in our overall wellbeing.  Relationships, physical activity, career, play and spirituality are all primary “foods” that tie together to create a happy, functioning sense of self.  Take notice of what and who fills you up versus feeling depleted.  As health coaches, we of course want to help and enrich our clients lives from the inside-out, but we must remember that we need to protect and nurture our own energy, our environment and practice self-care- this is true for all of us.

Remember to take some time to reflect on all you are grateful for!

xx, a-m


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