One of the many benefits to living in beach cities, is that the weather year round tends to be amazing! There are benches, parks and even outdoor workout platforms set up lining city streets and along the ocean/bay as seen here – encouraging people to be active for free! I have created several outdoor workouts to alleviate any excuses from clients but also incorporate the fun factor for those who don’t want to pay for a gym membership or just don’t like going to the gym…simple, body weight exercises can be done working your entire body efficiently!


I was recently reminded, after experiencing an injury, how much our health is vital to everything we do. How much I appreciate my body for providing me the opportunity to sweat through running, biking, hiking, lifting weights… you name it. When injured and not able to have that outlet, it is healthy on one hand because it forces us to slow down, go inward and reflect on some things that might need adjusting in our lives. On the other hand, and for me, it truly tested my mind more than my body, as working out brings me such peace, clarity and decompression. This also helped me relate to my clients better, as many of the athletes I work with suffer injuries, some season ending, and we really work to tap into the mental toughness aspect of things during this time, for they as well are striped of doing what they love.

Need help changing up your workout routine? I would love to hear from you and provide you with some of my favorite practical tips, so you are feeling more confident, healthy and strong!! Email me amsunshinefit@gmail.com or comment below.  xx, a-m
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