Mindful Motivation

While setting up a new 21 Day Health Challenge for some of my clients as we enter into Fall, a lot of vibrations appeared around motivation and being mindful of motivation. What, who, when, where, how…all connect to the bigger picture of mindful meditation and its success in one’s own life.  I encourage my clients to be active participants in their lives- to do the work, step up and step IN to the life you want to live.  It’s one thing to want something and to step up to the challenge of it… but another, once we step IN to the challenge and pursue what we want- really push through any fears or blockages and know what might be blocking us and our personal energy from achieving our best self.

I truly believe that we all need to make the time to recharge so we can walk on renewed in body, mind and spirit. I also believe that we need to make the time to set what we seek- to set that intention to improve ourselves.  This, in turn, elevates others and our surroundings.  Family and friends that are supportive of your growth and journey can provide further encouragement on your path to greater health and wellness.


When we wake up and get our minds right, we are better for it all day and every day. No matter how big or little your goal, you will get there if you train your brain to dial in each day to the mission! Know your WHY- why you want to look better, feel better, change your habits and/or routine. Is it to feel more confident in yourself, to represent your best self for the new job you are seeking, because you are at risk for disease or wanting more energy in your daily life?  By writing it down and referring back to it as you shift your lifestyle choices, will hold you accountable and what else… bring you to be present with your mindful motivation!

A daily consistent effort in the direction of your dreams can get you to the place you have always dreamed of getting to and even exceed it!! It’s amazing how far you will get just by staying with something long enough. Most people give up too early – their fears are bigger than their belief in themselves- that won’t be you! Get ready to power up, enjoy life and get after it!! I believe in you- set your intentions and let’s go!!!