Oil Pulling 101


I have been oil pulling for a few months now and loving the positive benies I see from it.

What:  Spoonful of organic coconut oil, place it into your mouth and start creating a swishing motion like you would mouthwash. The coconut oil will turn to more of a liquid and be easier within a few seconds.  Start with 5 minutes, working your way up to 20 minutes.

When complete- Spit into your trash can or toilet- avoid the sink as it can clog drains.  Rinse mouth with water, spit and go about your daily routine.

When:  In the morning before you eat breakfast

Where:  You can oil pull while making breakfast, taking a shower, catching up on your morning news or SportsCenter or even when walking your furry pets.  You get the point…

Why:  Whitens teeth, freshens breath, removes toxins, strengthens gums, teeth and jaw, prevents cavities and gingivitis, helps alleviate acne/eczema/psoriasis- skin glows, improves immune system, improves sleep, clears sinuses.

Happy Pulling 😉 xx, a-m