Running Routes

While the weather is nice in most parts of the country, it is always more fun to take your run outdoors than it is grinding it out on the indoor treadmill! Running outdoors can bring a sense of clarity, energy from the fresh air, gratitude for the strength your legs provide, freedom for your legs to move beneath you without assisted platforms from equipment and peacefulness despite the fact that you are, well… running 🙂 !! There are several apps on the market (many of which are free- Runkeeper, SmartRunner, Map My Run).  These apps allow you to track your run, provide you with voice motivation along the way, notification of your splits time, distance/mile pace and a cool map at the end of your run showing where you strutted your strong self and left sweat marks on the pavement, sand or grass! It’s also a fun tool you can share with friends and use as motivation, accountability, complete a challenge together or train for a race.  Some of “us” are taking the run maps a step further and having some fun “drawing” out creative designs based on our chosen footprint of mileage.

I encourage you to lace up your sneakers, crank up your playlist and set your running app in motion!  Have some fun with it, enjoy an active lifestyle and what I like to experience as often as possible… a runners high!  xx, a-m