S is for Stretch not Stress

This time of year especially, many of us tend to be rushed with work, family and holiday party obligations. This leads to stress and disruption in the normalcy of schedule, racing minds and a sense of uneasiness. While it’s nice to mix things up, the stress from being stretched too thin and not having time or space to rest in your own thoughts,  can wreak havoc on your body, mind and spirit. Make time to slow down, breathe and stretch. Even if just for a few minutes, you will feel the difference when your breath boosts oxygen back to your body and brain :). (Your body can become tense and rigid disrupting oxygen flow and creating blockages).

As health coaches, we see a lot of this but also fall into it ourselves. We spend time caring for others, but so often, neglect caring for ourselves. It’s important to be conscious of it. I can feel when my shoulders, back or body is out of alignment and needs some tlc. Again, this could be as simple as 5-10 minutes of legs up the wall, a good stretch or flow of asanas and a mindful meditation.


As we move into the last week of 2014 and the perfect time to finish healthy and strong as well as consciously setting intentions on your 2015 goals. Stretch not stress! Flush out what and who doesn’t serve you as your forge ahead on your beautiful journey! Make it count, make it mindful, MAKE it amazing!! xx, a-m