Wellness Wednesday with Lower Abdominals

We don’t want you neglecting your abdominals even if you are short on time, so I enlisted the help of my friend and Certified Personal Trainer, Marcelo Vazquez to give you a quick, yet effective, at home or do anywhere, lower abdominal workout. It’s simple enough for anyone to perform and will definitely keep those abs in shape and toned for summer.  Your abdominals are at the “core” of everything you do, so we must work to keep this muscle strong and healthy from the inside out!! Healthy food choice/nutrition,  as well as your fitness plan and overall lifestyle,  all have an impact on your personal success and wellness!  Let’s start seeing some progress together and creating some sexy abs that you can show off at the beach this weekend!!   xx, a-m   http://youtu.be/aF5iua2GvNo