Wheels Up Warriors!

As race season officially started up again last weekend for one of my favorite “sparkplugs” Para-triathlete Mary Kate Callahan, I wanted to circle back with her since our last conversation and see how she was preparing to take on the season and prepare for Rio 2016! (sidenote, she was just mentioned yesterday in the Team USA article “para-triathletes to watch in 2015).

I asked Mary Kate to elaborate on some of her essentials/must have treasures for happiness. About the importance of surrounding oneself with likeminded, positive people and for fun… what this girly-girl at heart has in her training travel and workout bag!

MK: I always become more aware of my surroundings and especially all of the people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today. I think surrounding myself with so many GREAT people is a huge reason I am where I am today. These are the people that keep me calm, quiet, excited, focused and loving life on a day to day basis. Since I’m also in school while training, these are the people that help me keep a balanced lifestyle. I think if you get caught up in one part of life… you’ll miss out on so many other aspects of life.

I like to use other people’s energy to help fuel myself, whether it’s in training or racing it’s pretty amazing what can happen when you surround yourself with positive people.

If you know me, you know I have my schedule planned out for 2-3 weeks in advance just because the more organized I am, the more I am able to concentrate on the important things in life. I can spend the extra time going over my training schedules and data from various training sessions instead of hustling and trying to get the next day organized. When I stay organized, it helps me keep out all that extra anxiety in my head. The variety of the lifestyle I have is what keeps life FUN! I think having a balanced lifestyle is one of the huge reasons I ENJOY what I’m doing so much. Whether its intervals in a run workout, training with various groups of people throughout the week, exploring new training areas- all of this always keeps me on the tip of my toes when it comes to training.

I know you need to love what you’re doing in order to be:

  1. Happy in life 2. Be able to succeed in whatever you’re doing.

Since I am the biggest girly girl when it comes to triathlon, my workout bag might make some people laugh. It also includes a little of everything since I swim, bike, and run ( I actually have multiple workout bags- one for swim, one for bike, and one for running) – A few of my favorite things from each include; a funky pattern swimsuit, cap, & goggles. I always carry suntan lotion, lotion (chlorine eats away my skin) bandaids, and chapstick in every bag. I also carry pink and black athletic tape with me at ALL times.  I’m a huge fan of headbands so I usually have multiple headbands in each bag. I have gotten better but I haven’t always been the greatest with tools BUT this multi-tool has become my BFF- anything that needs to be fixed on either of my bikes – this multi-tool will fix! My pink Rudy sunglasses are a must for when I’m biking or running and I always carry a change of workout clothes.

Never, Never, Never Give Up…MK

Always a pleasure and inspiration with MK and join me in cheering her on this season and onward to Rio 2016!! xx, a-m

You can refer to mine and MK’s conversation from July here: http://www.amfit.guru/turn-down-for-what/