Holiday Reflections


As I look out at this beautiful post sunrise view, reflection glazing across the top of the water and birds singing all around, it reminded me that life isn’t always like a perfect sunrise or sunset. There are many ups and downs, twists and turns, yet in its own amazing way can be remarkable and perfection. I talk often about surrounding yourself with the right people. Positive people who are consistently there to lift you, encourage you and be a light. Those who can help you shift and break through the not so good days or not so good news by changing your perspective and outlook. It was a rainy day in the northeast for the 4th of July and I commented to my best friend whose birthday it was, that all this heavy rain was washing away and scrubbing clean any of the toxic stuff that’s been bearing down on us so that come July 5th the sky will give way to rays of sunshine beaming down to celebrate her new, fresh start and day one of her next “birthday year”. It’s all perspective and having friends that can do even the smallest of things without expecting a thing in return…well that’s beautiful. Be present to receive these types of blessings and witness the amazing beauty all around us and even in the worst of situations. It won’t be easy at times, but it will be worth it and way more enjoyable then clouding up your mind on those people or those things that don’t deserve your precious energy and time. We don’t get that back so spend it wisely with those who matter most. xx, a-m