Crazy for Cucumbers

There are so many health benefits of cucumbers that I am sure you will want to work them into your diet and reap their rewards just as much as I do!! Cucumbers are high in silica which helps brittle nails.  They’ve been known to alleviate arthritis pain and inflammation, relieve bad breath because of their high phytochemicals that kill the bacteria in your mouth and who doesn’t want to have fresh breath!!  They reduce cholesterol levels, help prevent kidney stones, are a great source of vitamin B.  Cucumbers aid in alleviating water retention because of their high water content and dietary fiber which effectively flush toxins out of your  digestive system.  Cucumbers have also been shown to be beneficial to those with diabetes, digestive disorders and high blood pressure.  They contain an abundance of magnesium, fiber, water and potassium which all aid as a positive supplement for people working on healthy alternatives to improve their overall health.

I get cucumbers into my daily in many ways- whether its in my green juice (pic and recipe below), sliced and dropped into my water throughout the day, cut up and tossed into my salad or sliced and dipped into hummus…cucumbers are a delicious, refreshing, nutritious powerhouse! They are beneficial for your glowing skin as well and can even reduce eye puffiness if you place the cool slices over your closed eyes.  Go crazy for cucumbers and you will notice the change from the inside out!!




Cucumber Apple Green Juice (please use organic ingredients)

1 cucumber sliced

1 apple sliced

4 celery stalks

2 generous handfuls of spinach or kale

1 lemon squeezed

1 tablespoon ginger

1 dash of cinnamon

wash all ingredients and place into your juicer, blend, sip and enjoy!