Amazing Avocado

Loving the many uses of avocado, including this one that can be seen as an affordable mini-facial! This DIY face mask provides skin a boost of hydration and natural glow. Avocados have so many benefits when consumed but also in topical applications like this:

How to:

1 ripe avocado

Remove pits

Scoop out the insides

Mash the avocado to a paste

Apply to your face (MEN– you can do this as well. Have a beard or facial hair~ no problem, just work around it. Your nose, forehead and cheeks can all benefit). Leave on 5-10 minutes. Remove with a warm, wet cloth. Disclaimer: it doesn’t smell all that great when on your skin but the results are fantastic. Please make sure you do not have an avocado allergy before application. Get glowing xx, a-m