Fuel Yourself Healthy

I find myself in daily conversations regarding nutrition/fuel.  It can be with an elite/professional athlete, mainstream athlete or weekend warrior.  The one thing I try and educate them on time and time again is that ALL of us are different/unique.  I don’t just mean our appearance, height, weight, intellect, etc… but rather, what works for us from a nutrition/fuel standpoint.  What works for me, could wreak havoc on your body.  That’s why it is so important to “trust your gut” literally and if you don’t feel good after consuming something- check in with that feeling and chances are, it isn’t good, nutritious fuel for YOU.

Food is prepared and unfortunately processed to the extreme nowadays, so more than ever, we all need to be educated consumers and our own wellness advocates for a healthy body inside>out!  Gluten, dairy, soy, sugar– some of the biggest culprits in the majority of my conversations.  Trying an elimination diet is one of the best ways to identify what you need to feel your best and perform at your best!

Confused about where to start or feel as though you are on the right path yet have some questions? Reach out to me (I am here to help) or seek out a certified health and nutrition coach in your area.  Knowledge is power and you deserve to fuel yourself healthy!!  xx, a-m