Shine On

One of the main “spokes” as I like to refer to them as, that completes the wheel, your “Wheel of Wellness” is positive nourishment. I’m not referring to food but rather attitude, spirit, ambition, passion…your light. When working with clients, we tap into these various spokes on the wheel of wellness because they all tie together and complete you. Even if a client comes to me saying they need to lose weight but feel “stuck”, it’s never just the food and fitness we explore but rather all of the spokes that create a healthy, functioning body, mind and spirit that is you!

One of my favorite quotes pictured below,  is one I often reflect on often and in times when even I feel someone or something may be trying to dim my light. At the end of the day, we are responsible for how we react, for our feelings, for the direction our path in life takes. The beauty of the light, your light, is that it can shine as bright as you want! I encourage you to shine on– bright as can be and without worry of it hurting anyone’s eyes :). The healthier you are on the inside (remember happiness is an inside job), the more you will shine on the outside. Now this… This is where your fuel– mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and yes the food-fuel all ties together in your wellness wheel. You didn’t miss your destiny because you had a detour. NOW is the perfect time to “tune up” your wheels as your journey into the New Year begins! I look forward to seeing the shining light you’re going to bring forth. Shine on wellness warriors! xx, a-m