Clean Machine 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is greeted with new intentions, most having to do with health, wellness, weight loss and fitness for so many. This of course makes me happy as a holistic health coach because it’s my passion to help people become healthier from the inside out. This time of year is also the busiest season for cleansing/cleanses. I have tried many- some I enjoyed, some I did not… and when I say enjoy, I usually come to that conclusion based on results and realistic ease of the program given my  active lifestyle. I recently tried the Clean Program 21 day cleanse. I’ve been going thru the re-introduction phase where some of the foods that create potential allergies are introduced back into the body/diet post cleanse, to see what food allergies may exist. I had originally looked to do the 7 day cleanse but it was sold out (now back in stock) so I landed on the 21 day that Dhru Purohit, the CEO/Co-Founder of Clean Program, so graciously encouraged me to try.

What I loved about this cleanse is the fact that you get to enjoy real food~healthy, flavorful foods. Everything is supplied to you and I mean everything. Meal plans with simple, tasty recipes to follow, grocery lists, approved vs not approved food lists, vitamin and probiotic packs, shake packs, encouraging daily emails from health coaches along the way and motivation!! Trigger foods such as wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, coffee, select fruits and vegetables, oats (even if gluten free) and sugar/processed foods are removed from your diet during this cleanse. You enjoy two shakes a day which taste great along with a healthy protein packed meal and snacks which kept me satisfied. I added a few more calories each day to the plans recommended amount,  because I wanted to continue with more intense workouts than suggested. It worked well and I made sure to listen to my body (key with any program).  The nourishment I received from the quinoa, hummus, greens and nuts that I noshed on daily definitely kept my energy levels up.


Increased energy Awareness of food triggers/allergies*

Decreased inflammation

Increased hydration from water and herbal teas

Increased awareness when reading labels (mostly for hidden sugar, soy, gluten)

Decreased cravings for coffee and sugar

*Here is a list of the most common Toxic Triggers: Eggs • Red Meat • Corn • Soy • Nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant)

For those of you that are new to cleansing I would definitely suggest the 7 day cleanse as it’s a terrific way to kick start your 2015 goals from the inside out. It will also help you identify quickly, what foods and drinks might be sabotaging your efforts in the gym and what foods and drinks you should avoid. Every one of us is different and unique in the way our body digests what we provide for nourishment. It’s important to find out what works best for you= bio individuality.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this cleanse as I’m happy to help and can speak to it/provide informed answers after going thru it myself. Make your health a priority in 2015.  You deserve to feel, look and be your best self!! xx, a-m