“HIIT” it Holidays!

Heading into the holiday season can make already busy, hectic schedules, that much busier. With additional parties, events and commitments that almost always include an indulgence of food and beverages, the need to workout your body and mind becomes even more important. How to fit it all in? Well, making it a priority, scheduling it as you would another business meeting or doctors appointment ~making your health and wellness a priority is paramount, but might also require some creativity and trust on your part. Are you used to logging that hour of cardio, plus weights or yoga in order to feel you’re accomplishing enough? I used to fall into this trap,  but have educated myself along the way to realize that not only mixing it up and making my workouts fun, but also incorporating effective sweat sessions in less time is possible!



Insert workouts such as HIIT or high intensity interval training. The main component of such workouts focusses on total body training and interval training. Alternating between periods of intense activity for 30-60 seconds (examples-sprinting on the treadmill, bike or jump rope), followed by less intense exercises for 30-60 seconds (sit-ups) or rest.  The intense intervals can be increased or modified as you build strength. These intervals can be completed in a 10 minute, 20 minute or even 60 minute workout cycle to reap benefits and get your heart rate up and body sweating off those holiday party indulgences and stress!  A workout that can essentially be done anywhere and creatively if you lack a gym or equipment~ leaving zero excuses!!
Jump squats, burpees, stairs or even high knees and jump switch lunges– all work as the intense interval so long as it’s getting your heart rate up- it’s doing the trick.  Then you decide what to do to bring it back down for the rest interval, repeat for your allotted time and you’re good to go! Your body will burn some serious fat, calories and sculpt lean muscles by incorporating HIIT into your weekly routine.

So make yourself a priority this holiday season and let’s go INto the holidays in good health! Let me know how you do fitfam! xx, a-m