Fun with Fitness!

The one thing that keeps most people engaged in fitness activities…RESULTS of course but also FUN! If your workouts are fun you are much more likely to stick with it. There are so many amazing options now depending on your workout style – you can try a spin class, variety of yoga classes, rowing, HIIT, swimming, running and something I love- taking your workout outdoors and mixing it up.  There are bootcamp and crossfit type options you can do on your own, with a partner or personal trainer. I often grab my jump rope and some workout bands and head outdoors to a grassy or level paved area and get to sweating! You can also enlist the help of a workout buddy friend and take in a heart pumping hike or bike ride. The options are endless and your body, mind and spirit will thank you! #fuelyourselfhealthy XX, a-m