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Fun with Fitness!

The one thing that keeps most people engaged in fitness activities…RESULTS of course but also FUN! If your workouts are fun you are muchView full post »

“Healthy” Care Packages

Having been a gracious recipient of care packages and also a consumer when sending some to friends, co-workers, clients… I know how limitedView full post »

Transformation Tuesday: NFL and Yoga with Keith Mitchell

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with NFL Star Athlete Keith Mitchell, a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, HoustonView full post »

Amazing Avocado

Loving the many uses of avocado, including this one that can be seen as an affordable mini-facial! This DIY face mask provides skin a boostView full post »

Sippin’ on saved vegetables

We all have been there… the time we open the refrigerator to find that the fresh produce we purchased is about to turn bad.  Fear not…View full post »

Strong is Sexy with Olympian Meghan Duggan

Having had the pleasure of working with Meghan Duggan, 4x World Champion, 2x Olympian as well as Captain of the United States Women’sView full post »

Wellness Wednesday with Lower Abdominals

We don’t want you neglecting your abdominals even if you are short on time, so I enlisted the help of my friend and CertifiedView full post »

Holiday Reflections

As I look out at this beautiful post sunrise view, reflection glazing across the top of the water and birds singing all around, itView full post »

Blue Blue Blueberries Baby!!!

You will soon learn, that one of my top three fruits are blueberries!! These beautiful blues, as I like to refer to them,  provide SO muchView full post »